Our Team

Extremely experienced and knowledgeable Managing Director

David Sharpe

Managing Director and Responsible Manager

David is our extremely experienced and knowledgeable Managing Director and Responsible Manager. With four decades in the residential and commercial property space – as a licensed builder, project manager, project developer and funds manager – there’s little he hasn’t seen or experienced. And it’s his expert guidance and dedication to high-quality investment projects that continues to lead the Lighthouse team from strength to strength.

As Managing Director, David has the overarching responsibility for the investment projects and portfolio selected for Lighthouse investors. His unique and hard-earned skills, as well as extensive network and connections, allows him to build unique, exclusive opportunities for Lighthouse investors, and create an incredibly strong performance track record.

David is more than just our Managing Director, however. He’s also brought the ‘family’ to our ‘family business’. In fact, David’s three adult children all work with the Lighthouse team in one way or another – which speaks to the beautiful, tight knit family they are. And, despite working together every day, continue to take family fishing and camping trips regularly (camping and fishing are two of David’s other loves).