Aligned investments from the best in the business

Lighthouse Funds Management

Lighthouse Funds Management might be an up-and-comer in the wholesale investment space, but it’s so much more than that.  We’re backed by over 60 years of combined property development and investment experience from the best in the business.

There’s no argument that property investing can present risks and entail a lot of work, particularly for those that aren’t in the industry. Lighthouse provides an opportunity for investors to capitalise on the knowledge and experience that David and the entire team have, from their years in the industry and working in the wholesale investment space.

Sophisticated investors can leverage this expertise and access the property market without the headaches, stress and time commitments that come from managing the project or property themselves. This allows them to focus on what they do best, or just on the things they love to do instead, while still taking advantage of property market opportunities.

Why choose Lighthouse?

We’re not just buyers, we’re builders, too

At Lighthouse we’re unique because we’re not just the buyers and managers of our projects – we’re builders, too. Our construction and development experience give us the distinct advantage of having a measure of control over the time and resources that a project entails. And you have access to our exclusive property opportunities.

We’re a family business

At Lighthouse we’re a family business in the truest sense of the phrase – our directors are family, and our company is peppered with partners, brothers, sisters, dads and more. We’re also family in another way, because even those that aren’t ‘officially’ family are considered family. Our staff are loyal, engaged and proud to be a part of our company. No matter who you work with you can be guaranteed they’ll be giving you the Lighthouse family treatment – something we’re very proud of.

Joint partners

We only invest in projects we believe in. In fact, we're a joint investor in every investment we offer to our clients. We understand that conflicts of interest can lead to risk and uncertainty. Having everybody’s interests aligned drives us to deliver projects that both inspire and succeed on strong returns. This means you can trust us, trust our projects and get the outcomes you’re wishing to achieve.

Proven track record of strong financial results

At the end of the day, wholesale investing is about creating a strong financial return on your capital. At Lighthouse Funds Management our investment yields are proven by our strong track record of success. We have a reputation of trust, and are backed by our years of expertise and some of the best property investment minds in the funds management space. You simply have to look at our Completed Projects to see the types of outcomes you can expect when investing in a Lighthouse project.

We look to give back

At Lighthouse we want to give back where we can. That’s why we look to align our projects with partners that have integrity, ethics and values that align with ours. We feel good, doing good.