Case Studies

Creating Value From Family Trust Funds


Hullen Light Unit Trust

The Hullen Light Unit Trust was created to fund a residential development project of 65 single storey dwellings at Thornton, NSW. The homes would be a mix of one, two and three bedrooms, and the project would include the construction of new internal access roads, infrastructure, site landscaping and essential services to the site.
Client Highlight
Lighthouse was contacted by a particular investor who wanted to invest $1,000,000 of funds from their family trust. They were looking for an opportunity that would provide a strong return on investment with an organisation they could trust and whose interests felt aligned with their own.
The client invested $1,000,000 into the Hullen Light Unit Trust, and received their capital back, plus a total of $212,568.27 in profit distributions.
  • Trust name: Hullen Light Unit Trust
  • Location: Thornton, NSW
  • Investment Term: Date units issued: 24/01/2020, Date Capital Returned: 06/11/2020 (287 days invested)
  • Total capital raised: $8,400,000
  • Total profit returned: $1,785,574
  • Project profile: 65 x residential villas, pre-sold to Compass Housing